Pictorial History of the 63rd
Infantry Division in Combat-Page 14
Tank-Infantry team in action
German POWs
253rd Inf troops await river crossing
Engineers positioning boats for river crossing
B/253rd with tanks
255th Infantry troops on tank
Convoy on Autobahn
Col Hatcher and staff
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A Tank-Infantry team attacks through a German village.  A wounded 63rd Division
soldier lies in the foreground
German officers captured near the Danube River are assembled under the watchful
eyes of 63rd Division soldiers.
Riflemen of the 3rd Bn, 253rd Infantry waiting for darkness before beginning the
63rd Division's initial Danube Crossing. 26 Apr 45
Engineers from the 263rd Combat Engineer Bn position boats for an
assault crossing of the Danube River near Gunsburg, Germany by the
3rd Bn, 253rd Infantry- 25 Apr 45
Members of B/253rd Infantry and B/43rd Tank Bn,
12th Armored Division near Schwabmunchen,
Germany, 27 April 45
Members of the 1st Bn, 255th Infantry riding atop tank on
an autobahn near Scheppach, in pursuit of the German
Army as it retreats into the Southern redoubt. Apr 45
As the 63rd Infantry Division left Bavaria on 27 Apr 45, its vehicles passed German fighter aircraft
parked on hardstands at 200 foot intervals along an autohahn that had been used as a landing strip.
L to R:Col Hatcher (CO, 255th Inf) LTC Smoak,  Capt Dreiling
and an unidentified officer.
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