Pictorial History of the 63rd
Infantry Division in Combat-Page 16
B/363rd Med Troops
The following photos were furnished by Carl McCarron, son of Hazen "Mac"
McCarron, B Company 363rd Medical Battalion
B/363rd Med Bn.  L-R:  Lt Theodore Henek, T/Sgt Hugh J. Murray, Pfc
Raymond Kline and Pfc Frederick Halverson
James Schriver, B/363rd Med
Pfc James Shriver, B/363rd Med Bn
B/363rd Med Trio
Pfc James Shriver, Sgt Riley
Wooten and T/5 Charles Long,
B/363rd Med Bn
McCarron, B/363rd Med Bn
"Well Sarge, I know you said to clean
the barracks, but this is too much".  
Pfc Hazen McCarron B/363rd Med Bn
B/363rd Med Bn Group
B/363rd Med Bn.  Front Row L-R:  Sgt Riley Wooten and Lt Henek. Rear L-R:
Pfc Paul Morris, Howard Dart, Cpl Lloyd Harrison and Pfc Hazen McCarron.
Company Officers B/363rd Med Bn
Capt Calo(L), Lt Zimmerman (R), B/363rd Med Bn
Trio B/363rd Med Bn
B/363rd Med Bn:  Cpl Lloyd Harrison, Pfc George Pallett, and Pfc Hazen McCarron
B/363rd Med Bn:  L-R: Pfc Frederick Halverson,,
Pfc John Carter, Cpl George Huss, Pfc Hazen
McCarron and T/5 Charles Long
B/363rd Med Bn Group
McCarron, B/363rd Med Bn
Pfc Hazen McCarron B/363rd Med Bn
McCarron B/363rd Med Bn
Pfc Hazen McCarron, B/363rd Med in Cregligen, Germany
B/363rd Med Bn:  Foreground:  1st Sgt Colbert and Ralph Bowan
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