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63rd Reconnaissance group in Gudingen
63rd Infantry Division troops advance through Gudingen, less than a half mile from
Saarbrucken in the 7th Army drive. 1 Mar 45
Bazooka team in action
63rd Infantry Division Bazooka team in
action.  Unit, date and place unknown.
Soldiers with enemy flag
Soldiers with enemy flag.  Unit, date, and place unkown.
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Otto F Metzger C/254th receives Silver Star
Pfc Otto F Metzger C Co 254th receives Silver Star Medal for
gallantry in action on 3 Mar 45 near Hartungshof, Germany
Med Det 255th Infantry
Medical Detachment, 3rd Battalion, 255th Infantry Regiment about 12 hours before the 63rd Infantry Division began
its attack on the Siegfried Line- 15 March 45
Shown in the photo and working from the top, left to right are : Morrison, Johnson, Keegan, Bridges, Edlestein (KIA
11 Apr 45), Clements Warren, Kulaga, Preschel (KIA), Berthiaume, Wilson, Phillips, Weaver, Finney, Dow,
Romondetta, Pulgi, Miller, Ford, Lt Cohen, Capt Blanchard, Burger, Bland, Hewitt, Hastings, Rybicki, Seaman,
Sagurton, "Chet" and Tutman.    Photo furnished by Francis Blanchard.
Capt Blanchard, Med Det 3rd Bn 255th Inf
Capt Blanchard's Aid Station in Bliesbrucken after a
German Artillery attack.  Capt Blanchard was in room
marked with X when shells landed.  Med Det 3rd Bn
255th Inf. Photo furnished by Francis Blanchard
Louis Polasek, B & K Company 255th Infantry
S/Sgt Louis A. Polasek, B Company
255th. Near Danube River Apr 45.  
Furnished by his son, Marvin Polasek
S/Sgt Polasek B&K 255th Inf
S/Sgt Louis A. Polasek(R) with Remus
Miserendino  during a lull in the battle. B
Company 255th Infantry
S/Sgt Louis A. Polasek B&K 255th Inf
S/Sgt Louis A. Polasek (L) with a buddy in
defilade.  B Company 255th Infantry
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