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The following photos were furnished by Pfc Thomas E. Glunt, Hq Co 2d
Bn, 254th Infantry Regiment.  Thomas was in the Intelligence Section and
most of the photos were taken by Ralph Lane of that same unit.  My
thanks to Thomas for his generous contribution of photos to this web site.
Crossing the Neckar River
Troops of the 254th Infantry Regiment crossing the Neckar River.
Bivouac Tent in Marseille France
Tent of Lane and Johnson,
HqCo2dBn 254th Inf at Staging area
2, Delta Base Section Marseille,
France Dec 44."Ice Box Hill"
1st Class rail transportation
1st Class Rail Cars awaiting troops of the 63rd
Infantry Division for movement from Marseille to
Camp Oberhoffen area. Dec 44
Railyard Destruction, Marseille
Damaged railyards in the Marseille, France area Dec 44
Lyon France as seen from troop train
Lyon, France as seen from 63rd Inf Div troop train- Dec 44
Burned out box cars in Lyon Railyards
Burned out boxcars in the Lyon railyard
Taking a break from the 1st Class Car
Taking a rest from the rigors of "1st Class" train travel.  In
the photo are Ferd Mueller, Larry Johnson and Hank Wallace
of Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf.  Other are also from Hq Co or
Anti-Tank Company 254th- Enroute Sarreguemines area- 18
Dec 44
Chow line on train trip stopover
Chow line on train trip stop over. L-R:  Vollweiler, Meek,
Chaney, Silberman, Miller and McCroskery all of Hq Co
254th Infantry- Dec 44
63rd Inf troops barter for wine
254th troops barter for wine.  Identified as
Larry Johnson Hq 2dBn 254th and George
Bates(possibly Hq 363rd Med)
Original Intelligence Section Hq 2dBn 254th Inf
Original Intelligence Section Hq 2d Bn 254th Inf:  LtoR: Tom Glunt,
Larry Johnson, Richard Zeese, Buss Short, Ferd Mueller, Hank
Wallace. Photo taken by Ralph Lane.  Bill Hart missing.
Ralph Lane at Bunker, Sarreguemines Forest
Ralph Lane at dugout bunker, Sarreguemines
Forest France. Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf
Remains of Bunker Sarreguemines Forest
63rd Div soldier surveys remains of bunker in
the Sarreguemines Forest
Zeese preparing to throw hand grenade
Richard Zeese testing his grenade
throwing arm.  Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf
Destroyed American Tank
American Tank, hit by German 88mm fire and destroyed.
St Ingbert, Germany transportation Mar 45
The only civilian transportation remaining in St Ingbert,
Germany, Mar 45
German POWs escorted by 63rd soldier
German POW's escorted to rear by 63rd
Infantry Division soldier.
Chow time hq co 2d bn 254th Inf
Chow time, Mar 45.  L to R:  Unknown, Larry Johnson, Bill
Hart and Tom Glunt- Hq Co 2d Bn 254th Inf
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