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Infantry Tank team in action
63rd Infantry-Tank Team in action near the end of
the war.  Unit and location unknown. Source of
photo Phil Milano, F/254th Infantry
63rd Infantry Division soldiers look for snipers
63rd Infantry soldiers checking a house for
snipers.  Unit and location unknown. Source of
photo, Phil Milano F/254th Infantry
Church Services in the field
254th Infantry soldiers attend church services.
Source of photo, Phil Milano F/254th Infantry
French Railyard
War damaged French rail yard. Photo furnished by Pfc Glunt
Hq 2d Bn 254th Infantry
Pfc Edward Pozona, K/254th KIA 9 Jan 45
Pfc Edward Pozona, K Company, 254th Infantry, Killed in action on 9 January 1945
T/5 Oliver Textor, E Company 254th Inf
T/5 Textor's Jeep E/254th Inf
Soldier identified as T/5 Oliver Textor, E Company,
254th Infantry
T/5 Oliver Textor and unidentified division soldiers,
looking for way to cross the river.  E/254th Infantry
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