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Cpl Irwin Gold in the field AT 253rd Inf
Cpl Irwin Gold, AT 253rd Infantry in the
field doing something or other.
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Division in Combat
Members of the 63rd Division Graves Registration unit (63rd Band) with a
liberated German Car. Speisen, Germany Mar 45.  L-R: Sgt Evans, Sol Jackobson,
Joe Pezulla.  On Top: Sgt Ford, Unknown. Right of car: Gold Hammer.  Inside
car: Unknown, William Roane and "Heavy".  Photo furnished by Bernard Marquis,
(63rd Band)
Blies River Crossing near Habkirchen, Germany
63rd Infantrymen file across the Blies River near
Habkirchen, Germany.  Photo courtesy John
Graves- 255th Inf
Graves Registration Personnel, Sarreguemines France
Members of the Division Graves Registration
unit. (63rd Band) do a little public relations work
in Sarreguemines France before the big push into
Germany. March 45. Photo courtesy Bernard
Marquis, 63rd Band
Members of the 263rd Combat Engineer Bn at the Siegfried Line
Members of A Company 263rd Engineer Combat
Battalion after blasting a way through the Siegfried
Line. March 1945. Front R-L:  Owen Dodee, Reid
Meredith, John Lynch, Roy Casey.  Rear: R-L: Harold
Crose South, Glen Munz, Gotell, Koyata.  Photo
courtesy Janet Casey, widow of Roy Casey
Signal men in Germany 1945
Members of 563rd Signal Company somewhere
in Germany, 1945.  The hats must be some kind
of special "Signal Corps" protective headgear.  
Top:  Mike Ansonio, John Badey. Middle: "Pop"
Bottom: "Reds" and DeBarr.  Photo courtesy
John Badey 563rd Signal Company
A&P Platoon, Hq 1st Bn 253rd Tauberbishofsheim, Germany
Members of the Ammunition and Pioneer
Platoon, Hq Co 1st Bn 253rd Infantry show off a
war trophy in Taubershofsheim, Germany.  
Front L to R: Ock, Pruitt, Mastrogiovani. Rear L
to R: Taylor, Scotty, Johnson, Dietrich, Walsh,
Medley, Clark, Harvey, Beckwith.  Photo
courtesy Curtis Delahoussaye.  Troops ideintified
by Bill Taylor 253rd Infantry
A&P Platoon Hq 1st Bn 153rd Infantry in Tauberbishofsheim, Germany
Members of the Ammunition and Pioneer
Platoon, Hq Co 1st Bn 253rd Infantry with war
trophy in Tauberbishofsheim, Germany April
45.  L-R: Delahoussaye, Walsh, Taylor.  Photo
courtesy Delahoussaye, 253rd Inf
63rd Soldier with war trophies
Rev Pferdeort, 254th Infantry sent in
this photo, but he is not sure who it
is.  Anyone have an idea?
254th Infantrymen take time to eat.
Soldiers of the 254th Infantry
stop for a meal. On the left is
Pfc Anthony S. D'Anna, H Co
254th Infantry.  The other
soldier is unidentified
63d Band members in commandeered vehicle, Adelsheim, Ger 1945
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