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Infantry Division in Combat-Page 28
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Photographs furnished by Gordon "Shorty" Myers Hq 253d Infantry Regiment (Continued)
Crossing the Sarre River
Shorty Myers gets a shower 253d
Preparing barbed wire obstacles-253d Inf
Stein Germany 253d Inf
Hitler's War Stein Germany- 253d Inf
253d vehicle destroyed by enemy fire Stein, Germany Apr 45
The Quarry- 253d Battle area
Sarre River Crossing
"Shorty" Myers 253d Inf finally
gets a shower and clean clothing.
253d Infantry troops prepare a barbed wire obstacle
Stein, Germany after the battle between the 253d
Infantry and 17th SS Panzer Division Apr 45
Stein Germany after the battle.  Sign identifies it
as "Hitler's War"
253d Infantry vehicle destroyed by enemy fire
in Stein, Germany Apr 45
The "Quarry Battle" area
Remains of Stein Germany- 253d Infantry
Portion of Stein, Germany remaining after the Apr 45
battles with the 17th SS Panzer Div- 253d Infantry
Ammo truck hit at Stein- 253d Inf
Remains of a 253d Infantry Ammunuition Truck hit
at Stein, Germany Apr 45
View of Stein Germany- 253d Inf
253d Infantry soldier amid the ruins of Stein,
Germany, Apr 45
253d Jeep in Stein, Germany Apr 45
253d Infantry jeep moves through the ruins of Stein,
Germany Apr 45
Siegfried Line bunker
Remains of a Siegfried Line Bunker.
253d Infantry Jeep
253d Infantry soldiers on the move- Apr 45
Myers 253d Infantry on the Autobahn
"Shorty" Myers, 253d Infantry looks over a damaged
Messerschmitt 262 jet fighter on the Autobahn- Apr 45
German Jets along the Autobahn
Soldiers of the 253d Infantry look over German
Messerschmitt 262 jet fighters parked along the
autobahn- Apr 45
German Jet fighter
253d Infantry soldiers looking over the German
Messerschmitt 262 jet fighters parked along the
autobahn- Apr 45
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